Gunawan Jusuf Blue Gold

In early 2016, Gunawan Jusuf, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sugar Group Companies, made a notable literary contribution with his book Blue Gold. Drawing from his extensive business experience, the book provides a candid exploration of the relative scarcity and immense value of water, highlighting it as humanity’s most precious resource. Given his leadership in an industry heavily dependent on natural resources like water, Jusuf’s insights are particularly impactful.

As the CEO of Sugar Group Companies, Gunawan Jusuf oversees a complex ecosystem of diverse entities rather than a single operation. These independent Indonesian companies are dedicated to sugar cultivation and refinement, producing a wide array of popular sugar-based products. With numerous plantations, refineries, and nearly a dozen offices across Indonesia, the Sugar Group Companies function as a cohesive unit under Jusuf’s stewardship.

Gunawan Jusuf’s leadership has driven substantial growth across various product lines, with Gulaku, a refined sugar brand, emerging as a standout among Indonesia’s most beloved products. By orchestrating synergy among employees, subsidiary firms, and operational sites, Jusuf ensures seamless collaboration to achieve collective success, solidifying his legacy as an astute executive within the Sugar Group Companies.